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I went into the bank as I normally do each afternoon to make commercial deposits.  I noticed that the staff was in a cheerful mood and we exchanged light pleasantries while my transactions were processed.  It occurred to me that I had not seen one of my favorite tellers behind the counter for the past week.  I had presumed that she was on vacation, or possibly had been ill and, both curious and concerned, so I inquired about her.  The head teller said in a sad voice that she was no longer working at the bank.  I really liked this gal.  She could remember little things in chit-chat often days later, and would ask me how my grandson was doing.  She made me feel special at the end of what usually was a very long day.  She was sharp as a tack and intuitively knew how to process not only money, but life.  On my way home I hoped that I could have the chance one day to wish her well in her pursuits.

A few days later my wife and I coordinated our schedules and traveled to a neighboring village about a half of an hour away to make a purchase.  Unfortunately, when we arrived we found that the store was closed; the information we had received earlier by telephone regarding business hours was incorrect.  A few nights later we were able to connect, and there met a very nice gentleman who helped us with selecting just the right items to ensure my wife’s experience was as good as it possibly could be.  Indeed this salesman was superb, exhibiting charm, wit, and humor.  He was both personable and businesslike, and you could tell he really enjoyed dealing with people.  He spent at least twenty-five minutes with us, genuinely wanting to understand what my wife wanted.  A confident, well-informed decision was ultimately made and the sale neared consummation.  He then discounted the price enough to make the second trip worthwhile, and the whole experience could not have been nicer.

These two people have what it takes to keep me coming back.  They possess passion for excellence in their work, and it unfolds perfectly in their inherent and well-tuned people skills.

As your company grows, you should desire to have top-notch performers in key positions of your company.  Consider those qualities in people that you encounter as you conduct “life”, and make mental notes.  The next person you hire may be someone who busses tables, or serves your fast food.  Maybe it’s that person you notice on occasion picking up after someone, or the one holding the door for a pregnant mother with two kids in tow.  Maybe it’s the person who assists a veteran or helps out at the local food drive.

When you find people who add that special sparkle to your business and make others feel good about themselves, I think you will have chosen wisely.